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Welcome to DPilates

Pilates Twickenham

DPilates is owned and run by Daniella Russell.


She is passionate about pilates and believes anyone and everyone can benefit.


She teaches the Body Control® method and offers group matwork classes, private classes or small groups.

Why Pilates?

Whatever your age, gender or fitness level Pilates can be hugely beneficial. Pilates is a corrective form of exercise helping to improve posture by targeting the core stabilising muscles to improve strength, flexibility and balance. It also helps to improve mental well being by relieving stress and tension by focussing the mind and body through exercises that build up core strength, increase support of the spine and overall control and improvement of movement.


Each exercise is underpinned by three key elements.


Alignment - Alignment is the correct positioning of the bones and joints in the body. Correct alignment and concentration helps stabilise, and control the spine. This is the key to efficient and safe movement. My goal is to train good movement patterns and for my clients to eventually identify correct skeletal alignment so that stability in the spine and pelvis becomes second nature when performing each exercise.


Breathing – Pilates increases lung capacity and releases the muscles and joints, the breathing pattern of each exercise assists stability and supports smooth and flowing movement.


Centring – This is about absolute control of the whole body – the joints, the spine and engagement of the abdominals. Throughout each exercise the aim is to maintain control and be fully stabilised while stopping any unwanted movement and this is what gives us our        core stability.


A B C is at the heart and soul of every exercise whether it is at the most basic level or the more advanced. Together they allow us to move with grace and efficiency not just in the exercises we perform but in everyday life.


These components form part of the eight guiding principles of Body Control Pilates®