What type of Class should I do?


There are beginners classes for those people who are completely new to Pilates. These classes are usually a 6-7 week block with a view to then moving into a more mixed ability class and from there into improvers classes for those working at a more advanced level. I also offer 1:1 classes and it is advisable to do one of these if there are specific issues that need addressing or indeed if you want to gain a finer understanding of the fundamentals. This will also allow me to fully focus on you and gain greater understanding of your body and how it moves. I can also do small groups on request.

All clients are required to fill in a Client enrolement form which can be downloaded (here).

Can I pay one class at a time?


Classes are booked in 6-7 week blocks and need to be paid in advance. The reason for this is that I have devised lesson plans to cover the fundamentals of Pilates, and over that 6 - 7 week period clients are challenged to improve and progress week on week. Each week I am ensuring that the whole body moves using a series of exercises across all starting positions with focus on strengthening the body as well as mobilising the joints.



Do I need to bring my own equipment?


No, all equipment is provided by me, you just need to bring yourself and lots of enthusiasm!

Can I do Pilates if I have a back problem?


It really depends on the nature and severity of the problem, but yes you can do Pilates. Because Pilates works to strengthen the core muscles and bring the body into correct alignment, it will help alleviate the problems associated with back pain. However, again it is important to seek medical advice before starting a course of Pilates classes. Please ensure you detail any back problems on your client enrolement form. It can be downloaded (here)



Will I get hot and sweaty?


You might get a bit hot, because some of the exercises are more dynamic, and others challenge endurance and stamina more than others. Pilates is a resistance type exercise so doesn’t seek to raise your heart rate in the same way cardio-vascular work does

How many people in a class?


An absolute maximum of 12. It is especially important for me as a teacher to ensure that everyone in the class is moving correctly and safely, and gaining the maximum benefits. With 12 people or less in the class I am able to help individuals whilst keeping the rest of the class moving.



Can anyone do Pilates?


Absolutely! With my guidance you work with your own body’s range of movement. It doesn’t matter how old you are or your level of fitness, everyone can benefit from Pilates!

It’s great for those new to exercise because of its low impact nature, as movements are slow, controlled and flowing.

It’s also ideal for physically active people who wish to avoid injury, and build up their strength, mobility and flexibility.


How long does a class last?


A group matwork class lasts one hour; a private class lasts an hour and 10 minutes, to allow for some discussion at the beginning before we start moving.



What should I wear?


Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move and stretch with ease and comfort. Try to avoid wearing anything too baggy though, and Pilates is done either bare feet or socks.

I have an injury. Can I still do Pilates?


Yes! It’s brilliant for people recovering from injuries because the exercises can be adapted to work around most (not all) injuries, and in some cases is used as a form of rehabilitation. However please ensure that you seek advice from a medical professional before embarking on any form of exercise, to get an understanding of how much exercise is safe for you. Please ensure you detail any injuries on your client enrolement form. It can be downloaded (here)