Since 1996, Body Control Pilates has been at the forefront of the international growth in Pilates. We pioneered the development of group matwork Pilates by creating innovative training programmes for teachers that ensured that, for the first time since Joseph Pilates developed his method almost 90 years ago, almost everyone would have access to the benefits that Pilates offers.


Today, Body Control Pilates is widely seen as a benchmark for safe and effective teaching of the highest quality, with teachers working in more than 40 countries. It is Europe’s largest professional Pilates organisation with 1,300 teaching members and all of our certified teachers have, at a minimum, completed a comprehensive training course in Body Control Pilates matwork (Level 3). They work to a Code of Practice governing teaching standards, professional ethics and continuing education. This ensures that teachers continue to build their own skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis, with all Body Control Pilates teachers having access to a programme of more than thirty further courses after initial qualification.


Body Control Pilates enjoys more than 15 years of leadership in Pilates. In 1996 we launched the world’s first curriculum-based matwork teacher training course; in 2005 we became the first specialist training provider to gain recognition against the UK government-backed national standard for Pilates (known as ‘Level 3’); in early 2010, we were the first Pilates training provider to receive approval for a Low Back Pain course accredited against the new Level 4 Standard; in 2013 we received Ofqual approval to become the only accredited 'Level 4 Pilates' training provider in the UK.

“Our mission has been to bring the benefits of Pilates to everyone. To this end, we have created a method that is effective, safe and challenging: a method that is taught by teachers with unrivalled skills, knowledge and integrity.”


Lynne Robinson, founder of Body Control Pilates